X-Message-Number: 30597
From: Kennita Watson <>
Subject: FDGD Travelogue
Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2008 04:00:50 -0600

My first day at Frozen Dead Guy Days went
pretty well.  I handed out 58 surveys, even
with a much softer sell that I think will
result in a larger percentage of usable
surveys.  Sunday is usually much lighter
than Saturday, so I'll be lucky if I equal
last year's total of 91 surveys.  I haven't
checked the numbers, but it looks like a
much smaller percentage than last year gave
contact information (probably because of
the soft-sell; I think I got fewer people
filling out the survey in slap-dash fashion
just to get a shot at the CryoBear.

My first-day results for my press release are:
39380    total headline impressions
535      total read activity
0        email forwards
11       printer friendly pageviews
3        pdf downloads

Not stellar, but not bad given that I
sent out the release one day before the
event that it refers to (too late for most
papers to print a story).  Why so late?
Because I'd been planning not to do a
press release because I had nothing
newsworthy to report.  Newfound affiliation
with a non-profit was enough (given that
PRWeb notes having been in business for five
years as sufficient cause for a PR).

IAC, here's the press release:

Interesting exchange:  one lady found
the idea interesting, but was afraid she'd
come back as a zombie.

I had a number of heartening exchanges with
people who seemed to "get it" about cryonics,
and none of the really disheartening faith-
based ones, though there were some who
seemed pessimistic about the future and
quite a few who wanted to see more progress
in revival (couldn't argue with them there).

I left the surveys out overnight, in hopes
that at least one might get filled out in my

I apologized for the video quality before
each showing, and got a few expressions of
sympathy and no overt negative reactions.

I'm pretty sore, and have a sore throat, so
I'd better get to bed.  I need to get up at
about 0730 so I can get breakfast and be at
the booth at 0930 (my "Back At" clock says
1000, but better to be early).

Relativity:  A grook with no reference whatever to the two-party system

To wear a shirt that's relatively clean,
   You needn't ever launder off the dirt
If you possess two shirts to choose between
   and always change into the cleaner shirt.
         -- Piet Hein

Live long and prosper,

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