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Date: Mon, 26 May 2008 01:14:16 -0500
Subject: Stodolsky Rides Again

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In another CryoNet post today, Stodolsky writes:

"Social policy in the US has led to 'food deserts', where most  
vegetables are not readily available. While this primarily effects the  
poor, a change in policy would likely lead to a dramatic changes in..."

He then goes on to draw conclusions based on this sordid premise, which
are largely irrelevant to the real world, but I digress.  The two grammar
errors in the above quote speak well enough to this person's scholarship
abilities, but let's look at the real issue here:  vegetables.

Think cans, Dave.   Cans.

And if the inner city "poor" don't have enough brains to drive each month
to buy enough canned food at a Wal-mart or some such, to last them until
the next (heck, they get food stamps), well there is always Natural

They could even buy half a month's worth of most fresh ones, too.

The hard reality is that many of them are too busy smoking crack, to eat.

Many areas of the real "deserts" in the western part of the N American
continent, are dozens of miles from any grocery store.  The smart people
there drive every some days to do their shopping.  The dumb ones die.

Hail Darwin.


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