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Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2008 08:14:28 -0400
Subject: Paypal alt: Google for non-profis

Here's one alternative to Paypal (and there are others) specifically
intended for non-profits:


Google for non-profits

Checkout: Collect donations online and process them for free, with no
monthly, setup, or gateway fees  Increase donations to your
organization with a streamlined checkout process that allows your
supporters to quickly and easily make online donations with a single

Process online donations for free until 2009 and pay no monthly,
setup, or gateway fees.

Enhance data security with this safe online donation tool that
protects a donor's credit card number. Google Checkout lowers the
costs and risks associated with managing sensitive data.

1. Sign up for Google Checkout for Non-Profits. You will be asked to
provide basic information about your organization including name,
contact information, and Non-Profit Tax ID number.

2. Copy and paste Google Checkout donation buttons onto your website or blog.

3. Process donations by charging donors' credit or debit cards using
Google Checkout.

Jonathan Hinek
Cold Filter Forum

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