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Date: Sat, 23 Aug 2008 19:17:14 -0700
From: Gary Kline <>
Subject: my cheapskate donation....

	The reason that I haven't used other ploys to make a chinzy
	donation to Mr. O'Rights is that I have been (and remain)
	physically disabled since mid-childhood.   This makes getting to
	a store, or other, impossible.  I can buy things via my debit
	card[s], altho because of certain financial events, I've been
	asked not to use my credit union visa.  And my better half has
	confiscated my checkbook in any event!  For this kind of deal, 
	to, in effect, save someone's life, whether i get credit for a
	non-profit is meaningless.   Otherwise, my signature is often
	questionable; especially after my last brain surgery ... . 

	Is there a way I can contribute to this effort via PaypAl or
	any other way by credit/debit card?

	I have another question, but will post separately.

	gary kline

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