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Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2008 06:54:40 -0700 (PDT)
From: Shannon <>
Subject: O'Rights PayPal & Free Easy Vote to Help End Aging 

Hello, all--I do want to be clear that it is up to the person who  donates to 
the Immortality Institute Administered Pay Pal fund for William O'Rights 
(TheFirstImmortal), how they want their money to be used.

One's donation can go to William's suspension, go back to them if he is not 
suspended, or go to Marce or the general Venturist fund.  Anyone can donate to 
either William's cryonics preservation or his supplement fund, just say where 
you want the money to go, and what you want done with it if he is not suspended.
(Odds are he will be using money donated for supplements)

When you are at Paypal you can enter in the email address of the person you want
to send money to.  So enter in: 


I will contact anyone who has donated if it I can not tell where they are 
wanting their money to go--cryonics or supplements.  In the event of no cryonic 
suspension then, to Marce, back to them, or to the Venturists.  


Vote to Help End Aging

The vote is close to winning, please share the information with other groups, 
friends & family as the 30 seconds, to 3 minutes spent voting is worth our time 
if the Methuselah Foundation gets 1.5 million.  

You do not have to be an an American Express Card Holder, just sign in as a 
guest--I saw an great explanation to share--thank you to the following 
explanation from Alistair:

"Everybody thought it was only US residents that were allowed to vote,

but I've just heard that any nationality can vote. It takes less than five 
minutes (and
it doesn't cost anything). Here's what you need to do:

1. Paste this URL into your browser: http://www.membersp roject.com/ 
(It is also available from Amex home page
http://www.american express.com from a link in the bottom left corner
under "Important Announcments" .)

2.a. If you are not an Amex Card Member: Click on "Guest Members Log
In" (in the upper right corner of the screen). Then click on "Guest
Members Sign Up Here" (at the bottom of the next screen).

2.b. If you are an Amex Card Member: Click on "Cardmembers Log In" (on
the right side of the screen). If you don't already have an online
login click on "Create a Log In" in the next screen.

3. Complete the Registration Form which will give you your Login ID.

4. Once you are logged in on the home page, you can either a) Enter
"Undergrads Fighting Age Related Disease" in the Search box or b)
click on "Health " then "Diseases and Disorders" at the bottom right
of the home page, and scroll down to "Undergrads Fighting Age Related

5. Click on the project and then click on the "Nominate this Project"
button. Then click on "Post Your Comments" (at the bottom of the
screen), as discussion board activity counts towards the nomination of
the top 25 projects."

Take care everyone--good luck to all your current projects :-),

Shannon Vyff Immortality Institute Chair, Methuselah Foundation 300 member, 
Alcor member etc. ;-) 

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