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IaC m getting my terminology confused. The last post I wrote, aC There were 2 
letters I wrote during my first round of chemoaC|aC  I said aC roundaC  when I 
believe I should have said, aC cycleaC . I am currently on my second cycle; the 
first cycle consisted of 4 rounds, each spaced 21 days apart. Each treatment I 
believe is called a round. This is the 2nd letter that was referenced in my last
post that I wrote to Bob while I was in jail during my first cycle and after my
4th round. 
Dear Bob,

I have a little over a month to go before I am released. My 4th round of chemo 
has hit me very hard, Right now I am dreadfully sick from the chemotherapy. 
These treatments are awful, leaving me sick and weak, but as sick as I am from 
these treatments, IaC m not taking my fate lying down. The tumor in my leg is 
active again and some days I suffer in great pain, but because IaC m an 
Immortalist I am able to defy the pain. No amount of pain and suffering can 
diminish my hope of an eternal physical life. ThataC s all well and fine for me 
but I am reminded that not everyone has the same pain threshold. Death for them 
might seem like a blessing, especially if they are not planning on being 
physically immortal. 

While I cannot agree with such a decision I can empathize and imagine the 
magnitude of such intolerable pain and the decision to put an end to oneaC s 
life. I imagine that only those who have been this sick or suffered the agony of
crippling pain understand the lure and peace offered by death. I am an 
Immortalist however, so no amount of suffering could deter me. 

I will not accept the prognosis of my demise without a fight. I plan on beating 
the odds and surviving this terminal lung cancer. I plan on fighting hard, not 
because I fear death but because I so love life. Death is staring at me and IaC 
m staring it right back without blinking.


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