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Hi everyone: I cannot recall the last time I met someone who had not heard
of cryonics; My Salvadorian gardener had heard of cryonics. And knew very
well what it was and meant. It wasn't for him. It wasn't in his world view.
As it is not in anyone's world view who has not been exposed to advanced
scientific thinking. Again, it is without precedence. It exists in fiction.
It has never worked and 'death is still inevitable. This is a mind set that
will not easily be changed. But..it will be in time. We have a chance with
the youth, if we can think of a way to involve them without requiring their
money (which they don't have). Perhaps we don't have enough money now to do
this. Marketing monies and effort expended towards "publicizing cryonics,
e.g. pitching to adults, has already proved to be wasted. We have a product
that is expensive, unproven, and unbelievable. Thankfully we have an
educated and adventurous (some may say foolhardy) few, ourselves, who
continue to move it forward. We will continue to attract those few of
similar bent. I would rather see us spend our very limited funds on research
and (I wish I didn't have to say this) security. 


Dr. Bob Newport, President; CCNA Board, 6215 Del Valle Drive, Los Angeles,
CA 90048, tele; 323-449-9434


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