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Date: Sun, 17 May 2009 16:41:44 -0700 (PDT)
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Subject: David W Croft For Alcor CEO


It has come to my attention that David Wallace Croft has thrown his hat in the 
ring for Alcor CEO. In that case, I, as a longtime Alcor member, wish to support
him in this quest.

What are David's primary qualifications? First, he is a family man. He has a 
passel of younguns, which he comes home to every day. Now I am not a family man 
myself. I wish I were. But when David comes home every day in his middle 
American abode near Dallas, TX, he has to live up to the expectations and 
demands of those kids. And they are indeed demanding. He has to live up their 
demands. And if he does not do a good job for Alcor, and keep his job, they 
might go hungry. And that is a pretty heavy burden for any man or woman to 
shoulder. And that is something that we Alcor members should keep in mind. A 
family man, with small kids, has those kids in mind at all times. That means 
that he will do a good job for Alcor. His kids will make sure of that.  And kids
will keep you humble.

That is David's burden, but it is a benefit for Alcor members. Those kids will 
keep him working hard for Alcor.

Also, David's family will be a nice public relations extra. I would like you to 
take a look at the recent Newsweek story about Raymond Kurzweil. He is a well 
known futurist and a cryonicist. Newsweek, a huge player in American media, just
SAVAGED Kurzweil. They cut him to pieces.

But take a look at the person Newsweek savaged. Was this a family man with 
little children dandling on his knee? Nope, just another very typical 
cryonicist/futurist type. No mention of kids or wife or family life in that 
recent newsweek story.  All cold logic and rigid, logical certitude.

Here is my point--the media is really a rather conservative outfit, despite all 
the pretend liberalism. They adhere to traditional values except where it 
benefits their corporate advertisers.  

But imagine if that article had been about David Croft instead of Raymond 
Kurzweil.  I do not think Newsweek would have sliced and diced Croft as they did
Kurzweil. David Croft is a lot like middle America in many ways. The mass media
would NEVER treat a family man, with younguns all around, as they did Kurzweil.

Oh, sure, David Croft is a lot like most cryonicists, too, when you get right 
down to it. A business man, a programmer, a scientist. I am all those things, 
too, And so are many cryonicists. 

But David has that extra Everyman touch that most cryonicists lack--he is a 
married family man with youngsters at home. Newsweek would never have 
cannibalized him as they did Kurzweil.

Time for us to have spokespeople that mirror the majority,   Time for us to have
spokespeople that can garner sympathy and empathy in a minute on camera. David 
can do that with his wife and kids at his side.

Now let's talk about something that is a very sensitive subject with 
cryonicists--religion. I am an atheist. And I know most of you are, too. And if 
you look into David Croft's background, I think you will find that he is very 
similar to us in most respects when it comes to religion. But David has an extra
dimension to his thinking that most cryonicists do not--he has an appreciation 
for the possibility that religion could play a major role in acceptance of 
cryonics by the mainstream. I like that kind of out of the box thinking. And we 
need that.
So, in closing, please consider supporting David for Alcor CEO.


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