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Yes, we'd only want high tech folks like Georges LeMaitre originator of the
 Big Bang theory in astronomy, and Gregor Mendel, the father of genetics

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#31670: Re: social driven growth vs  publicity driven growth [Mark Plus]
#31671: Cryonics Oregon  meetup May 16 at 5pm [Depressed Metabolism]

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Message  #31670
From: Mark Plus <>
Subject: Re: social  driven growth vs publicity driven growth
Date: Tue, 5 May 2009 07:41:27  -0700

Unperson writes:

>I posted an article here on cryonet  some months ago called THE BIG SORT
(from slate.com). It showed how the GOP  grew its organization via social
growth, in particular working within  religious organizations and by using a
technique whereby the recruiter is  selected to mirror the potential recruits
in certain major social and personal  characteristics. In other words,
social recruitment is best done by recruiting  people who are like yourself, or
by at least trying to be like the recruit.

A lot of good that's done the Republicans lately. A recent Washington
Post/ABC News poll shows that now only 21 percent of the American population
identifies itself as Republican, an impressive drop for a party that had its
way in American politics for a generation. I have to wonder if some kind of
shaming process partly accounts for the decline.

>Also, we do not  generally work within religious organizations, which have
proven to be a very  fertile ground for social recruiting, and also because
those who are religious  are likely to want to live forever.

Yet another example of trying to  model cryonics' growth after a declining
sector of American  society:


'The  recently-published American Religious Identification Survey  (ARIS),
compiling the results from nearly 55,000 Americans, made headlines  this
week for the trends it revealed in the nation's religious  landscape:
Christianity is losing ground, more and more Americans claim to  have
"no religion,aC  and the number of Muslims has doubled, to name only  a
few. Jews seem to be disappearing-the religious ones,  anyway;
evangelicals are increasing their numbers as the mainline  churches
continue to shrink; and new religious communities like Wicca  continue
to grow in popularity.'

Evangelical Christians represent a  bigger slice of a shrinking pie, in
other words. Perhaps you should look at  religions definitely thriving in the
U.S. like Islam and Wicca as models for  recruiting more cryonicists,

"Around 2010 the world will be  at a new orbit in history. . .  Life

expectancy will be indefinite.  Disease and disability will nonexist. Death will
be rare and accidental -- but  not permanent. We will continuously jettison
our obsolescence and grow  younger." F.M. Esfandiary, "Up-Wing Priorities"

Mark  Plus

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Message  #31671
Date: Tue, 5 May 2009 19:06:11 -0700
Subject: Cryonics Oregon  meetup May 16 at 5pm
From: Depressed Metabolism  <>

Please join us at the upcoming  Cryonics Oregon meetup, where we will
be joined by Alcor's Readiness  Coordinator, Regina Pancake and will
discuss building Oregon's readiness  capabilities.

Prior to the meetup some people will also be attending a  talk by Keith
Lofstrom regarding Server Sky (www.server-sky.com) hosted by  the
Oregon L5 Society. Please contact me for more information if you  are
interested in attending this event at 2 pm, Saturday, May 16,  2009.

Further details are provided at our Facebook event  page:


As  usual, please RSVP if at all possible so we can plan accordingly.
You may  RSVP by email or on our Facebook event page. Snacks and/or
drinks are  always appreciated, as well. We will use the rooftop patio
if the day is  nice!


Chana de Wolf

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