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Date: Thu, 28 May 2009 10:08:57 -0700 (PDT)
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Subject: I am a blasphemer who must be burned at the cryo-stake


from a discussion on cold filter:


Christians are way more numerous. If you could convince 1% of Christians to 
become cryonicists, you would be saving thousands of lives. 


Well, of course, but if we bent our rigid ideals just to save lives, that would 
sully the purity of cryonics as a apollonian ideal of rationality and logic. 

/////////////////But I have to agree with FD that it would be counterproductive 
to change the cryonics message into a religious one. 

Don't change. Develop a new message, carried by a new breed of cryo. Keep the 
cryo orgs just as they are. But there need to be cryo-evangelists working 
outside of the organization, spreading the cryo-religion word. 


Its strength is that it is a scientific goal, not a religious one. 

It also has a weakness--it is aimed at a population of perhaps 1 percent of 
america, at most. 

That is a big weakness! 


Science can be harmonized with religion (theistic evolution e.g.) but the 
harmonized version does not replace the scientific one. The burden of proof is 
on the more incredible claim, which is the idea that God is necessary to explain
natural processes. 

Do you see those megachurches and their TV networks? Do you think those churches
are built with prayers? Do you think those signals are beamed via prayers? 

Science and religion already DO coexist!


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