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Subject: Cryonet post - Time Travel
Date: Mon, 1 Jun 2009 08:17:14 +0100

That is a simulation. It is possible now by any individual by just imagining the
situation -- your brain is the computer.

Physical time travel to the past may or may not be possible, but there are 
paradoxes generated if it could be done. 

However it is not needed to rescue non-cryonicists who have died. What is needed
may be impossible as well, but it is "transmitterless reception from the past".
Then you can get "program and data" to rebuild them.

"Transmitterless reception from the past" generates no paradoxes, so the physics
ought to be much simpler than time travel or indeed "receiverless transmission 
**to** the past".  The latter, for example, could be used to transmit circuit 
diagrams to the past so that electronics engineers could save time inventing 
circuits. But if no one really invents them how to they exist? No such anomalies
exist with "Transmitterless reception from the past". 

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  From: david pizer 
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  Subject: [Venturists] Cryonet post - Time Travel

  TIME TRAVEL (To the Past)
  BY: David Pizer

  (We know how to travel to the future - Have your mind (brain) frozen-vitrified
  now and reanimated sometime in the future. However, time travel to the past 
  seems a little more difficult. Following is one possibility).

  There are at least two reasons why people might like to travel to the past 
  that I can think of: One is to rescue loved ones (or others), and two is to 
  see what it was really like aC back then.aC  Here is a very rough draft 
  presentation on the idea of the project I have in mind on how to try to get 
  into the past - at least as far as dealing with past humans goes *for the two 
  reasons above.* 

  Any suggestions on this will appreciated.

  1. TOOLS NEEDED: In the future we will build computers that build computers 
  that build computers that build computers, and so on and so forth, until we 
  end up with very powerful aC end-productaC  computers. My idea of end-product 
  computers are computers that donaC t build other computers but do some other 
  type of work.

  One of the things that I think these end-product computers will be able to do 
  is to make a complete simulation of all things relative to human beings on the
  Planet Earth and every human (and human brain) alive at the time of the start
  of this project. (By the way, to give you an idea of the power of this 
  computer, this end product computer may be as big as a solar system or single 
  galaxy [or bigger] but that is not so big when considering the size of the 

  2. MEASUREMENTS: Once we have measured every human brain and all other things 
  relating to the Human Race on Earth at the starting point time of the project,
  we then place this data in our computer, and instruct it to start to work.

  3. HOW IT WORKS: Every effect has a cause. Once we know how things are at a 
  certain time, (AKA: the effects of immediate causes), our computer can figure 
  how things were, say, one second before that time, by figuring out what had to
  have caused that last effect. Then one second before that time and so on 
  working one second at a time backwards. You take a point in time, (an effect 
  of a cause in the immediate time before that), and then the computer figures 
  the cause of that effect and has arrived one second back in time. That cause 
  is the effect of a previous cause. That previous cause in an effect of an even
  previous cause and so on backwards in time.

  If the computer knows some other things and the composition of all the human 
  brains at any certain time, aC the starting time of the project,aC  then the 
  computer can figure how things were one second earlier because there had to be
  a cause for each effect. And each cause is just an effect of a previous 
  cause. So we just keep working backwards creating a simulated human race and 
  each mind/brain, that mirrors each of the individual minds in The Human Race 
  going back in time. Of course the computer needs to work fast so that it can 
  figure many seconds earlier (minutes and hours, in fact) in a fraction of a 
  second. So, for instance, it will take the computer much less then a year to 
  figure how things were in all the human minds, and all things relating to the 
  Human Race all over the planer Earth, a year earlier. (Even if it is a little 
  slower, it is still worth doing, as humans in the future (by the time we can 
  build this computer) will be virtually
  immortal and will have lots of time to work on projects like this.

  So we can create a virtual world at every second, minute, hour, day, week, 
  year and century going back in time by taking a snapshot, then figuring what 
  the causes were of that situation (effect of that cause) and then going back 
  to the immediate previous situation was, and knowing that situation by 
  figuring what it had to be like for the specific effect that followed and work
  our way back to the first people in the beginning of the Human Race.

  4. A MIND IS MERELY INFORMATION. In this virtual world that has been created 
  (inside the computer working back in time with effect and cause method), are 
  simulated people (that mirror the real people the existed back then), with the
  information in each simulated virtual personaC s brain that comprises their 
  mind. At any time we can copy the information relating to any persons mind 
  that is in the simulation and then recreate that personaC s mind/brain (and 
  body if we want) and make a duplicate of that person and put them in our 
  current world, therefore rescuing that person. aC Welcome back Grandpa!aC 

  5. LETaC S GO ON A TRIP: At any time, we can ask the computer to make a copy 
  of the world at a certain time, and then insert ourselves (or for safety - a 
  duplicate of ourselves), in the copy of the world at that time and we are now 
  virtually traveling in that past time period.

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