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Date: Fri, 5 Jun 2009 10:58:19 EDT
Subject: quantum misunderstandings

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Importance is negligible, but there are lots of misunderstandings about 
quantum theory and its implications or lack thereof.

First and foremost, quantum ontology has always been in dispute, and in 
recent decades the disagreements have widened, not narrowed. As just one
example, the many versions of string or brane theory all are compatible with
quantum rules, but have wildly different implications. In some versions,
different "universes" may not only have different constants of nature but
different "laws" which may vary over time.

The uncertainty principle is not only widely misunderstood, but may not 
have the implications imputed. For example, according to the Bekenstein Bound,
 the "points" of phase space in a human brain have non-zero volume, which
means  that a brain of fixed volume has a finite number of possible states.

There are also theorems showing that, in some general classes of closed 
systems, any  state or configuration will eventually be repeated  arbitrarily

There are also respectable arguments that the speed of light may not be 

It's all good, clean fun, but the only practical stance is to try to keep
your options open, which means cryostasis.

Robert Ettinger
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