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Date: Mon, 8 Jun 2009 20:10:45 -0400
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I fully agree with David. Although I have a much broader agenda (See point 4) 
which I have outlined it here at:


The primary difference with what David is suggesting is that I'm suggesting that
'young' people should also be actively involved. It's never too early to plan 
for a uneventful suspension. I'm also suggesting that beyond just 'living', it 
should also extend to earning a living (unless one is very rich). One cannot  
disassociate money from everyday life including a cryonics suspension.


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> Subject: We need to protect ourselves


> David speaking again:  Being a cryonicists myself since the early 80's, and 
hearing horor stories from even before that, and having been an Alcor Director 
and Officer for 11 years, I have come to the conclusion that the single most 
dangerous obstacle facing a cryonicist is that when they get old and senile and 
infirm there is the risk that their relatives (or others) will try to prevent 
their suspension.

> Most cryonicists seem to forget that just before they die they will be older 
and may be being managed by relatives or the government, both of whom may think 
cryonics is silly, stupid, a waste of good money, or even a rip off.  It often 
isn't a sudden act that keeps a suspension from happening but as the cryonicist 
gets older his/her relatives (or others) move them away from the cryonics 
community.  We cryonicists at present don't have a way of keeping track of our 
people on a daily basis.  We don't have a way of protecting them from their 
relatives or others who don't want them suspended.

> We need a physical community where older cryonicists can come to live among 
other cryonicists - where we can take care of our own as we get older.  Where we
can protect our own.

> I was planning to help build such a community in Arizona and I was 
accumulating wealth to do so, however the recent economic worldwide financial 
reversal has slowed that down.


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