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Date: Fri, 12 Jun 2009 11:11:16 -0400
From: Kitty Antonik Wakfer <>
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On 06/12/2009 05:00 AM, CryoNet wrote:
> Message #31737
> Date: Thu, 11 Jun 2009 18:38:52 +0200
> Subject: Cryonic Communities
> From: Thomas Klauset Aurdal <>
> . Im not signed up yet only because no insurance
> companies are covering me because of my medical history.
> Thomas
Hello Thomas,

Life insurance is not at all the only way to fund cryonic preservation. 
I and my husband Paul Wakfer have cryonic preservation contracts with 
Alcor that are funded by variable annuities with return of premium death 
benefit option through Vanguard. (http://vanguard.com) These were done 
in mid 2005 with sufficient capital and having the insurance backing for 
the minimum required by Alcor for neuros even if the investment value 
went down  - as they did in Oct 2008, even worse this past February and 
have not yet fully recovered. In other words the original investment 
money is there for Alcor, as the beneficiary of both annuities, should 
either one (or both) of us require a cryopreservation - and no use of 
the typical life insurance is involved. You could do similarly by saving 
the capital required for an annuity, knowing that you will not be able 
to have a contract with a cryopreservation organization until you do. We 
chose this method rather than a paid up contract with Alcor because we 
are in control and can get the benefit out of the investment - plus we 
expect to live a very long time :-)

**Kitty Antonik Wakfer

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