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Date: Sun, 14 Jun 2009 14:51:00 -0700 (PDT)
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Subject: risjks and growth


Some guy on cold filter was griping about the alcor location (it apparently has 
a nuclear power plant near it (scary!).. 

So I killed some Sunday afternoon time by answering him, and I am copying this 
answer to cryonet for your amusement and edification.


nuke power is nothing next to earthquakes. I have worked in nuclear power plants
and know a lot about them. They are pretty safe. 

Earthquakes could destroy or disrupt dewars and infrastructure, as could 
tornadoes or even hurricanes. 

You are from san francisco, but you moved to phoenix, if I recall correctly from
your replies elsewhere in this forum. 
You tell me what is wrong with the phoenix area. 

We should have response teams located in So Cal and Sf areas, in dallas, 
Houston, in chicago, in Cleveland, atlanta, FL, DC, NYC and Boston. That way the
storage location in AZ would be moot. 

But we need probably around 10K cryonicists to have that response team 
capability. We have about 1000 now. 

Getting 10K cryos should be your concern once you have secured your own 

As I see things, we could get 10K in 10 years or even less. But we would need to
ally with and appeal to our natural allies--the religious americans, 
specifically, the protestants. Fortunately, this is a very large bloc of 
americans, numbering probably somewhere near 100 million adults. 

they don't want to die. 
Hey, we cryos don't want to die, either. 

They turn to religion to help them get over their 

fear of death. So do we, at least in a way--cryonics helps us forget our fear of

They believe in a bible where their god tells them to raise the dead, to help 
him fight a final battle against death, and who promises them that his followers
will live on the land forever when Christ returns. 

Hey, we wanna live on the land forever, too! 

Protestants sound like natural cryonicists to me. 

Unfortunately, in order to make that logical leap into the thoughtspace where 
cryonics makes sense logically, you have to be pretty darn self educated and 
independent and intelligent and rather alienated and highly objective. In 
general, having all these personal characteristics also makes us dislike 
religion and its adherents. In general. 

So, instead we appeal to others like us--bookworms, highly educated, 
libertarians, programmers, iconoclasts, etc. 

And thus our social growth pathways are anemic and stunted, cuz, I gotta tell, 
folks like us aint too social, unlike churchgoers or even just regular 

So we might get that 10K in 30 years or so...


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