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Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2009 15:35:52 -0700 (PDT)
From: Phil Ossifur <>
Subject: Global financial collapse will destroy all of us unless...

unless we heed Larouche's patriot solutions-- which take back credit from the 
British Empire-- the banking cartel in London-- currently actively trying to 
literally destroy the USDollar in favor of BRIC... read all about it yourself. 

Here's a google search on global financial collapse-- with 10 million hits


Here's the gateway to the future-- through the Larouche website

Stupid is as stupid does. If wealthy cryos like Bill think they can escape 
through financial institutions run by their children, then all hope is lost-- 
and Ettinger is wrong-- It is NOT too soon for despaire... quote...

Bill Falloon....

Bill said that the economic events of the last year have shown that financial 
institutions once believed to be stable are not. He expressed concern about a US
Congress that is attempting to destroy the ability of Americans to take assets 
abroad. Bill said that we must ultimately aim to establish banks and trust 
companies that are run by cryonicists. He said that we must especially identify 
young cryonicists who could be supported in efforts to create financial 
institutions. Bill believes that his own sons (age 12 and 14) may be up to the 
task, but it is too early to assess their competence or dedication to cryonics.


Bill's lack of familiarity with Alexander Hamilton's strategy against the 
British-- and Larouche's continued pointing to it-- with his preference for his 
kids to run the financial institutions that will reanimate him show his lack of 
understanding of public credit and purpose of the USA. This is fairly 
disgusting. And it's tolerated by cryos with substantial money.  

The bigger picture is that the continued battle between the Aristotelians and 
Platonists continues... and we're reaching a critical point. So far, cryos are 
cromagnons on this-- the more futuristic version of high finance is indeed 
public credit based on fixed exchange rates of sovereign nation-states... whose 
purpose is the general welfare... as in the USA Constitution Preamble... What 
Bill has suggested invovled dumping the US constitution... and that means 
destroying the USA.. 

So that's where this is. But we're done yet. We're close though if Fed rates 
don't rise soon... on a two tier basis. Physical economy must be reestablished--
and that requries nuclear power-- Japan manufacturing is best at that-- with 
new plants in 2 years... Through this crisis, every single cryo including all 
alcor's board members have thoroughly discredited themselves with me... 

No cryonicist is a true futurist in the sense of what the future "is" which is 
anti-entropy applied to human existence increasing our power to exist per square
mile. Cryos are Cryoneanderthals. I'm apparently the only true cryofuturist. 

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