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Date: Fri, 19 Jun 2009 07:52:27 -0700 (PDT)
From: Phil Ossifur <>
Subject: The US Dollar and cryonics

From Larouche-- relevent to cryonics

If the Dollar Goes

At the present moment, there is a scheme cooked up in British circles, to bring 
down the entire present world system, by pushing the present government of 
Russia to, in turn, push the present government of China to aC dump the 
dollar,aC  and to join with certain leading circles in Brazil in sinking the 
entire world economy, chain-reaction fashion. Such an action, by causing a 
sudden, deep devaluation of the U.S. dollar, would, as a simple matter of fact, 
cause a rather immediate, chain-reaction collapse of every monetary system of 
the world.

The intention of the relevant British-centered circles, is to use the event of a
general breakdown of precisely all principal, present currencies of the world, 
as the occasion to launch a new monetary system, based on the assets presently 
claimed by an assortment of certain predatory, private financial organizations. 
The objective in sight by those predators, is the establishment of what must be 
described, in effect, as a new aC Tower of Babel. aC 

That is the scheme, called aC globalization,aC  which has been the 
long-standing, ultimate intent of circles only typified by former British Prime 
Minster Tony Blair. This would be a development which would serve as the 
occasion for bringing down the level of the current population of the world, 
from the present vicinity of 6.5 billions persons, to that of about two, or 
less, that very rapidly.

Clearly, such a scheme would be about as therapeutic as using cyanide for the 
improvement of the smell of oneaC s breath. The scheme would be a catastrophe in
its own right; but what most concerns me here, is the fact that if that course 
of action were permitted, it would exclude the possibility of a recovery of 
humanity for a rather long period to come....

A Third National Bank

The time has now come	to launch a Third National Bank of our United States, as 
this is to be crafted by aid of reference to the First and Second.

To illustrate that intention, this means a reorganization of the present U.S. 
dollar, which will be accomplished by a measure of reorganization in bankruptcy.
Such a reorganization would be premised on the movement of the assets which are
to be maintained in value as the equivalent amount denominated in the terms of 
a credit-system, rather than the relics of a doomed and virtually dead monetary 
system which linger in a limbo of virtual reorganization in bankruptcy. This 
action is premised on those relevant provisions of the U.S. Federal Constitution
respecting the uttering of credit employed for the creation of lawful U.S. 

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