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From: "Chris Manning" <>
Subject: Hello again
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 2009 12:12:08 +1000

I recently realised that I haven't received any CryoNet posts/digests for about 
a month. Also, two attempts to post an email failed.

I inquired of webmaster Kevin, who told me that mail to my address failed for 
the 8th time

on June 7, so the software automatically deleted my subscription. I have now 
re-subscribed. I don't know what the problem was - I didn't change anything - 
although I recently had a technician do some work on my computer, which may 
somehow have caused it.

In the meantime I have briefly read some of the recent postings on the website. 
The discussion about time travel/recreating the past/rescuing people from the 
past is interesting and has of course been the subject of many science fiction 
stories. ('Guardians of Time' by Poul Anderson is one that comes to mind, 
especially the bit where a time traveller tries to rescue his doomed girlfriend 
from London during the Blitz.)

Someone mentioned the desirability of cryonicists forming a community to 
minimise their risk of non-suspension due to indifferent or hostile relatives or
officials. I support this idea and would be happy in principle to join such a 
community. I intend to investigate this idea further when circumstances permit.

Kennita may be interested to know that I recently discovered that my CD player 
is also a DVD player. This possibility had never occurred to me, for various 

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