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Subject: Tremendous, world class debate re: science vs. religion at th...
From: Rudi Hoffman <>


Hello, dear cryoneters:

Sam Harris is one of the most brilliant and clear thinking humans...perhaps

He has, over the past week or so, been engaged in a debate of great
relevance to the reades of cryonet.

This is on the subject of the relationship of science and religion.  And is
highly "on topic" for this forum, conceptually.

Many of us who do a lot of reading, research, and thinking about these
topics like to think of ourselves as "intellectually rigorous, articulate,
crisp in our thoughts and expressions"...basically, we like to think of
ourselves as pretty smart folks.

Yea, you know who you are, dear readers...most of us think we are intellects
of the highest order, head and shoulders above the shoddy thinking and fuzzy
brains of some of our fellows.  Admit it...I will...that's why we read and
post on cryonet and other venues.
But not till you read Sam Harris, in this battle of the intellectual
heavyweights, in a spirited debate with an editor of NATURE magazine named
Mr. Ball, do we realize how HIGH the bar actually is for genuine
intellectual discourse.

If I can ever be HALF as smart, compelling, or clear in my thinking and
writing as Sam Harris I will be thrilled. :)

You may not want to read the whole "shooting match" (because it does get
long).  But the first two day's dialogue will blow you away with how
refreshing it is to read the writings of an individual who pulls no punches
with accomodationists.

Make up your own mind, but I found this incredibly stimulating.


If the above link does not work, or the format is weird, google for "The
Reason Project."

Warm Regards to All Sentient Beings and readers of this forum,


PS... In my opinion, Sam Harris CLEARLY prevailed in this dialogue...but
others of great education and wisdom may disagree.  I thought he, in the
vernacular, "Kicked Mr. Ball's ass."  Your well thought out opinions are
welcome in this forum or perhaps a direct e-dialogue with me at
   This topic REALLY matters...and each of us would do
well to be as clear thinking and compelling in discourse as our rigorous
self-education can make us.
Rudi Richard Hoffman CFP CLU ChFC

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