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Date: Sat, 27 Jun 2009 07:49:17 -0400
Subject: Philip Ball and Cryonics

   Rudi Hoffman wrote:

> But not till you read Sam Harris, in this battle of the intellectual
> heavyweights, in a spirited debate with an editor of NATURE magazine named
> Mr. Ball, do we realize how HIGH the bar actually is for genuine
> intellectual discourse.
> If I can ever be HALF as smart, compelling, or clear in my thinking and
> writing as Sam Harris I will be thrilled. :)
> You may not want to read the whole "shooting match" (because it does get
> long).  But the first two day's dialogue will blow you away with how
> refreshing it is to read the writings of an individual who pulls no punches
> with accomodationists.
> Make up your own mind, but I found this incredibly stimulating.


   I have read enough of Philip Ball to regard him
as one of the most talented technical writers in his
ability to make science interesting to the layman.
In one of his books

Life's Matrix: A Biography of Water


Ball describes cryonics as not only unworkable, but a
social evil. It is ironic that in his debate with Harris,
Ball strongly opposes the view that religion should be
attacked at every opportunity -- suggesting instead that
religion has made both positive and negative contributions
to society, and that religion and science can amicably
co-exist. This in contrast to Ball?s view that cryonics
should be attacked whenever the opportunity presents
itself and that cryonics is an unmitigated evil.

          -- Ben Best

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