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Date: Thu, 2 Jul 2009 17:41:10 +0200 (CEST)
Subject: Energy Problems and Memory Loss (sent to ,...

A great question for this Century in connection with energy: How to circumvent 
dementia? For e.g., power producers can lower the consumption of non-renewable 
energy sources by a decreased burning of gas due to an increased usage of solar 
power at daytime. Here is where dementia is kicking in, because the power 
producers forget to plug in the solar power plants in the morning while they 
switch off some of the gas power plants.

Solar energy on Earth is underlying the difficult comprehension of energy 
sources. So it happens that power producers turn off a nuclear power plant 
instead of some of the gas power plants in the evening, because they don't 
remember the important difference between a varying number of gas power plants 
and one nuclear power plant.

Is it Alzheimer, Creutzfeldt-Jakob, Lewy, Parkinson, or Pick who is responsible 
for memory loss? Nobody knows, since we can't figure when our brains rely on 
nutrition through vascular transportation which is already narrowed or blocked. 
We forget to look at the clock and so it also happens that power producers 
forget to turn on some gas power plants in the evening when moonlight instead of
sunlight must be expected for the night. At night, solar power plants often 
don't work which requires not to forget to look at the clock and switch on some 
gas power plants in the evening before it's too late. 

Dementia in the morning makes us forget to count the calories in the oatmeal for
the day or how many gas power plants we need to turn on before the night. At 
http://canonizer.com/topic.asp/80/5 I already suggested a small investment into 
mind files which is a follow-up to a powerful backup technology recently lost by
http://immortalspace.com members. Immortal Space was useful for me to store 
backup copies of mind files at http://cyberev.org and http://lifenaut.com to 
make data storage more secure in the long run. So before it's forgotten it will 
be nice if investors wouldn't forget I'm searching for someone who can run a 
small cryonics-friendly business company with me. I have not signed up for 
cryonics because I can't afford a life insurance for this purpose instead of 
commitments to relatives who are managing my payments due to a certain health 
problem. But I'm still trying to find supporters for that small company to 
enable the funding for cryonics.


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