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Thanks for all the years of information but I am giving up on cryonics. 
Please take me off your mailing list.  Thanks Gil Schaerer

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#31795: Assistance requested  [Ettinger]
#31796: D-Ribose [biologist501]

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Message  #31795
Date: Sun, 5 Jul 2009 11:32:52  EDT
Subject: Assistance requested

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The  new edition of Youniverse is not going to be a big seller nor
accomplish  any wonders, but something is better than nothing, and it will
help  a bit in recruiting new members for the cryonics organizations.
here can assist with very little effort and zero expense, maybe  save a
Just disseminate the page below, or/and material of your  own  composition.
Adding favorable reviews on Amazon.com and  CN.com  (Barnes & Noble) would
also help, if you have read  it.

Please take a minute to notice that some respectable   people have been
impressed by Robert Ettinger's latest   book.
Appreciation for the first edition of Youniverse:
Professor Peter  Gouras, M.D., Ph.D., Columbia University:
"A classic  for anyone  trying to understand what this universe is all
about...and it has   many little things that add to the fun of reading it

Professor Emeritus  Henry R. Hirsch, Ph.D., University of Kentucky College
of Medicine:
aC  Youniverse is one of the most important  works of philosophy of this
the last century because it reveals the ideas  and convictions of  a
who foresees the possibility of a blindingly  bright  future for the human
race. The guidelines which he proposes are  notable  for their wisdom and
their good practical common sense. They  are accompanied by  many examples
applications which are useful and  sometimes  entertaining. In short, if one
were limited to reading a  single book on  philosophy, this would be the
Psychiatrist  Jerry Lemler, M.D., former President of the  Alcor Life
Extension  Foundation: aC Once again it's Bob Ettinger with his latest  
Youniverse, who leads us out of  Hamelin yet again. For all  vertebrate
creatures on
this particular planet, the  amygdala, (in the  limbic system), the
phylogenetically oldest part of the brain,  is the  organism's "smoke
detector" for
existential threats. The zebra on the   Serenghetti or a newborn human
can merely react with the classic  fight or  flight response. As we acquire
language, however, what irony  it is that the  added menu item is the freeze
response. Youniverse  comes to the rescue of this  apparent paradox, as
Ettinger presents  the salient arguments that posit we  deploy our higher
functions to launch top-down rather than bottom-up   processing like our
fortunate evolutionary forebearers. "Plop. plop,  fizz,  fizz, oh what a
relief it is!"
A  free sample  (the  first 25 pages of the book) is available  at
Universal-Publishers.com. A  few minutes with this may interest you
YouniverseaCa 'ew  Edition
The  recently published 2009  edition is now available from Amazon.com and
BN.com  (Barnes &  Noble). Paperback, 427 pages, 6aC  x 9aC , 12 point
$29.95.  Three dollars off at BN for members. The new subtitle  is: Toward a
Self-Centered Philosophy of  Immortalism and  Cryonics.
It  is also available directly from the  publisher,
Universal-Publishers.com. Same  price as Amazon for hard  copy. A download
(entire PDF eBook) is
available for   $17.

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Message  #31796
Subject: D-Ribose
Date: Sun, 05 Jul 2009 14:39:22 -0400


D-Ribose  should probably be investigated as a constituent in

perfusion/reperfusion  solutions, if it has not already been considered, or is 
already in use.?  Hi, Bob.?I believe you probably should be taking it daily, if
you are not. It  it the backbone of ATP?and is eliminated from the cell (e.g.,
heart muscle  cells) with the decomposition of ADP to AMP when ADP to ATP
is impeded in the  mitochondria.? Very common phenomenon?in the elderly.

Excellent post on  betaine by oberon yesterday.? Thank you.

In my last post, months ago, I  mentioned "magnesium ornate" as being a
placebo (i.e., a useless?form of  magnesium supplementation); I meant to write
"magnesium  oxide."




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