X-Message-Number: 31804
Date: Thu, 9 Jul 2009 15:52:13 -0700 (PDT)
From: Phil Ossifur <>
Subject: Cryonics will fail in a collapsing economy.

Another reason cryonics might not "work" is that the economy continues to fail--
the financial system HAS collapsed- and is a walking dead system-- and the 
"physical" aspects of the economy has been under attack and shut down for 
decades now-- in favor of a phony information economy. 

As it turns out, ALL-- EVERY SINCLE WEALTHY CRYO-- has bought into the 
monetarist theory of money. This is, in itself, a massive failure and will doom 
cryonicsts to being really dead-dead. The point of reference I use for this 
assessment is, as you all know by now, Larouche. I'm telling you all again... 
"You do not know what Larouche "is"" . You're making a deadly mistake if you 
ignore what he and I are saying to you. 

ALL cryonicists, ALL of you-- every single one-- have LOST any credibility you 
even remotely had with me... simply on the basis of your rejection of working on
"higher integrations" of apparently disparate elements of the real world. It's 
a sad situation. I'm only posting this to Cryonet to be able to prove, later, 
that YoU all were "wrong" and that Larouche and me were "right". I know I'm 
right... I know that sounds hugely deluded, but there are reasons I "know" I'm 
right-- the primary one being that I now "know" what it means to "know" 
something at ALL-- whereas you all are involved in BEHAVIORAL interaction... 
which is a sign you fear the "truth" or that you deny the existence of the 
"truth". Well, I know the truth about money-- 

This is a warning to Dave Pizer. Your perpetual trust plan will NOT work. I 
guarantee that. Why? Because for it to work, you'll need to over-ride the 
soverienty of the nation-state-- and if THAT is allowed, the world plunges into 
a dark age and cryonics will fail. If the nation-state system is strenghthened, 
it will denounce perp trusts-- but will support cryonics. That's my forecast. 
Take it or leave it. Pizer and the perp trust guys have made a deadly 
miscalulation because they failed to understand what "money" "really is"... too 
bad for them. They can't say I didn't warn them. 

Larouche has trained people waiting in the wings to take over as Obama goes 
down... and he IS going down. The American System MUST come back-- or 
civilziation-- including cryonics-- won't survive. Exapand and integrate your 
cryoview of the world... keep up with the Larouche view-- 


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