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Date: Tue, 27 Oct 2009 14:24:14 -0700 (PDT)
From: Phil Ossifur <>
Subject: Larouche video on FDR-- for FD on Cold Filter


FD is attacking my defense of larouche's position-- and I'm left without a way 
to counter his slander of me and larouche-- because mods at CF refuse to publish
my LR material-- Therefore, I'll publish the counter attack to the Larouche 
hater FD here... FOR FD to shove up his ass.

This is about FDR... And if you want cryonics to EXIST-- you'd better learn how 
FDR prevented the collapse and destruction of the USA-- because the same 
strategy is needed today. Cryonics is FULL of Larouche hating anti-American 
pro-British fags and this post to Cryonet will document the record of that 
hatred... and the possible end of cryonics if it's not successfully challenged. 
Larouche stands in opposition to Monetarism-- and cryos like Pizer and FD don't 
even know what that is-- which is the production of MONeY-- without physical 
economic assets... which is destruction. 

Cryonics is NOW FULLY ABSORBED into a LOSING faction in society at large-- and 
will never be an answer to death in its current guise-- no matter what-- because
unless there is singular support for the anti-thesis of monetarism-- you have 
no basis for the support of any population. In effect, cryonics has aligned 
itself with killers and genocide on the planet at large-- as it seeks MONEY at 
the expense of physical economy. 


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