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There was certainly a contest in New Scientist in September 2002 in which 
about a third of people chose cryonics rather than a vacation in a poll 
associated with the contest. Because the monetary value of the vacation was 
much less than the CI cryopreservation offered, and the ratio of the poll 
still put cryonics as a minority, the magazine awarded the prize to someone 
chosing the vacation. (Or maybe it was pure chance that the winner chose the 

There may have been a similar one in Omni. If it produced a similar result 
this would be interesting, as Omni is US based whereas New Scientist is UK 
based.  This would tend to suggest that a third of the English speaking 
world do, at least a little, favour cryonics.

Does anyone know for a fact whether there was a competition in Omni? Looking 
back thorugh the web I could find no clear evidence that such a thing 
existed, although there is for New Scientist http://www.newscientist.com if 
you  search its site with "cryonics competition"

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 About a third
of people responding to the Omni contest chose cryonics over a
vacation trip.

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