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Subject: Re: chronic radiation 
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If the data is easily available, it might be worth looking at average lifespans 
for those living in areas affected by natural radiation from mineral sources 
such as granite or gravel soils as opposed to those areas with less natural 
radiation.  If generally available data produces some sort of result this may be
sufficient to get funding for a more precise one.

However to be really effective such a study would need to be limited to long 
term residents -- most people "relocate" ie move house very frequently these 
days. Also, of course, other causes of death such as accident need to be 

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  Is Chronic Radiation an Effective Prophylaxis
  Against Cancer?


  I would speculate that low level radiation damage is keeping the
  immune system tuned up to clear out damaged cells and that the active
  immune system is working more than enough to keep cancer at a very low

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