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From: "Kennita (Go Cryo!)" <>
Subject: Re: Self Sacrifice
Date: Wed, 4 Nov 2009 00:28:38 -0800
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John de Rivaz wrote:

> Those in favour of self sacrifice would probably consider being an  
> organ
> donor preferable to being a cryonics patient. Further comfort for  
> this point
> of view is obtained from thinking that cryonics is "highly unlikely"  
> to
> result in a successful reanimation into good health, whereas one or  
> more
> lives may "quite likely" be saved by the use of a dissected  
> "remains" either
> by transplanted organs or as a result of legal or medical research.  
> Most

I have had friends say this to me, even ones who think cryonics has  
more than a snowball's chance of working.  More people might opt for  
cryonics (neuro option) if the rest of the body could be used for  
transplants.  This would require isolating the circulatory system of  
the head before damaging chemicals were injected.  I assume this would  
be harder, and result in a somewhat less ideal preservation, but how  
much harder and how much less?  And how many more people would go for  
it if the organs could be transplanted at the same time as the brain  
was being preserved (waste not, want not :-) )?  To what extent might  
hospitals cooperate?  Might Alcor get a little money for organs?  It  
also seems that much less of the various chemicals could be used if  
there were only a head's worth of blood to deal with instead of a  
whole body's worth.

Fire at will.

Live long and prosper,

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