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Subject: Re: Self Sacrifice
Date: Wed, 4 Nov 2009 10:58:08 -0000

Thanks for all those good points raised. On the one in the message below the
sig file, I would like to comment that cyropreserving everyone that wants it
free of cost wouldn't be that simple.

Everyone would not need cryopreservation within a short timespan. Access to
the spaces within the dome (or sphere?) would require space (cf corridors in
a building) and make it impracticable to fill the entire thing with liquid
nitrogen, appealing as this may be for cold retention reasons. I suspect
submersible robots (or remote handling devices) capable of working at LN2
temperatures are not off the shelf items. I suppose NASA may have considered
them for exploring places like Triton, but I would imagine that costs would
be prohibitive.

I do not know the all causes death rate per year, but the number of
cryopreservations needed would be of the order of 30% of that. In any case,
I suspect that the 30% figure could change either way once it became
commonplace. Whilst it is still relatively uncommon the proportion of those
wanting free cryopreservation would likely remain much lower for a while. So
the $0.50/month would have to be subsidised to whatever the current monthly
cost is. Whether paid privately or by taxpayers, the starting point is the
current position, which is upfront costs ranging between approx $30k and
$150k in the USA.

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Date: Tue, 3 Nov 2009 07:56:41 -0800 (PST)
From: Luke Parrish <>
Subject: Re: Self Sacrifice
Just some back-of-napkin math for reference...

I calculate that roughly 20 million fullbody patients could be fit in a dome
100 meters in radius. That would be about 2 million cubic meters. I do
imagine it would cost a few billion dollars, as it would have to be
cryogenically sound. Ongoing costs would be based on a surface area of
100,000 square meters (upwards of 60,000 wall space and 30,000 floor space).
So depending on insulation factors, if it is $100 per square meter in a
given month you'd be paying 10 million per month or 50 cents per fullbody

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