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Date: Sun, 22 Nov 2009 15:04:43 EST
Subject: Re: CryoNet #32163

Subject: The "problem of Belief" in cryonics which can not work...
I politely disagree that any field of applied scientific research has as a  
main problem the issue of belief.
It will not matter in 50 years what any of us believed.  To assign an  
intangible purely cognitive item that is at best to be described as having  

meaning because of culture on subjective meanings filling a need in the process
of coaching social teamwork behavior results, as the key blocking factor to 
 science research is to say what exists as possible is mostly limited by  
conventional perception.  I think the actual discovery will not be made by  
public interested scientists but by private mercenaries because the wall of  
resistance made by the political conventions prevents the behavior of  

cooperation in work toward goals that do not protect the power interests of the
wealthy.  They will have better medicine, our internal organs and cryonics  
medicine options long before most people even know it is possible or of  
benefit.  And most of us willing to discuss this in the public room are  
working a futile problem as we may not get access to the real results or  
technology issues.  Any competent professional expert who would subject  their 

research to the public political eye would be de funded.  It is  happening 
closed doors just ad Divinci dissected bodies in secret  advancing medical 
surgery knowledge for the few who were given access to his  initial research 
But in 50 years it will not matter much.  Believe what you want.   Take 
down as many of us doing the work of science research as you can.   Eventually 
what works obviously in the trends of science research and  development will 
change the way we all live and the options we have in trying to  survive.  
Fighting in the psychology of Future Shock does cause some  changes but 

ultimately it does not change progress unless it simply stops  evolution by the
expedient of extinction. There is only adaptive behavior or  there is not 
adaptation and there is only survival or extinction.  Life  will evolve even 
at the level of intelligent human beings and society. 
Sincerely and with all respects,
Steven Wayne Newell, Ph.D.

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