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Subject: Re: The "problem of Belief" in cryonics which can not work......
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It was interesting to read this in conjunction with


where it is revealed that a pact is being considered to prevent searchable news 
items being available on the web. 

It would appear that the web is making it difficult to sell news anymore. 
Therefore the plans aim to make it available on subscription only sites. Of 
course the difficulty with this is that unless you subscribe to every news site 
then you can't search the world any more. A possible solution is microcurrency, 
with headlines and keywords being searchable with each article charged some 
fractions of a cent. With the potential of millions of hits, the articles would 
still attract reasonable funding. 

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   I think the actual discovery will not be made by  
  public interested scientists but by private mercenaries because the wall of  
  resistance made by the political conventions prevents the behavior of  

  cooperation in work toward goals that do not protect the power interests of 

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