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Date: Wed, 25 Nov 2009 04:56:28 -0800 (PST)
From: Phil Ossifur <>
Subject: Dead end cryonics. 


I'll try to notate this idea here for the record.... this notion that I've not 
seen expressed before or if it has been, it hasn't been referred to enough. 
There is the possibility that we stay signed up, get a really good 
cryopreservation but then the world falters and cryonics fails as a whole in a 
dark age... which is what is going to occur according to Larouche's forecasts if
we don't have major policy shifts now... and I view his interpretation of 
things as more accurate than any.

This means that we can do cryonics but civilization won't carry it forward. This
means that as we encounter increasing trouble in this financial/economic 
collapse-- which is being orchestrated and which is a result of monetarism 
replacing public credit-- basically the result of the intended destruction of 
nation states, now the US, by a financial empire cartel based in London, we are 
less able to personally generate discretionary income for cryonics. That's true 
in my case and I can surmise it's true for others. 

Therefore, as a result-- I actually might have to quit my alcor membership. My 
discovery of Larouche's analysis of progress and history and the economy in 2000
changed everything. It explained everything. And increasingly, his forecasts 
are manifesting themselves and things overall are getting worse and worse and 
worse... and the explanation BEST suited for what's going on is his. Without 
Larouche's plan for turning things around, cryonics faces a dead end despite a 
potentially good preservation today. Recovery will fail in a new dark age of 
depopulation. The year 2000 turned out to be a year of my discovery for myself 
that we're in an anti-future path--- we're heading in the wrong direction.

The personal pressures are increasing in the form of lower income, and higher 
expenses... no matter what I try to do to turn it around. it's like quicksand. 
The more you move, the more you sink. Personal cost cutting might include 
cryonics. Choices will have to be made between health maintenance and cryonics, 
or business efforts and cryonics. Cryonics is becoming a luxury item as it was 
often thought to be by the public in years past. Only the wealthy will remain on
board since only the wealthy have their basic needs covered. Cryonics policies 
cannot be maintained if they infringe on other life support efforts including 
better teeth, and probiotic supplements for example, or personal business 
expenses and home maintenance. 

The forecast of a dark age if the Larouche plan is not put into effect, and thus
the failure of potential cryonics reanimation or even long term maintenance 
potential would justify dropping cryonics coverage by itself. There is loss of 
hope. The current economic collapse and its infringement on personal finances 
would reinforce that direction of action. 

I've tried to revive the American System economic thinking in cryonics for 
almost 10 years through various online writing with no result. We're finished 
the first decade of the 21st century... and the world is still faced with an 
imminent crash-- a failure to grasp the basic idea, a media pushing the 
corporatist over the nationalist interests-- and we're entering a world of 
surivival of one against all-- a mean spirited world of descent into hell. I 
entered cryonics with optimism about the near future, but now I see that that's 
under concerted concious attack and even cryonicists don't see it. Cryonicists 
SHOULD have been the first to adopt Larouche. That failure is the dead end of 


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