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Date: Mon, 30 Nov 2009 11:38:26 EST
Subject: response to Mark Plus

Mark Plus, if I read his post today (Monday) correctly, has 
some things right and some wrong, all old stuff.
First, he says that uploading is not survival. I agree, and
I believe I have proven this in my book Youniverse
(latest version 2009, available from Amazon, Barnes
and Noble, and Universal Publishers).
Second, he seems to say that the probability of success
for cryonics patients is very low. I disagree, and my
reasoning is spelled out in an essay that is available
on the CI web site, cryonics.org. Some of this is
too technical for most readers, but an ordinary
person of reasonable intelligence will find the
essence accessible.
Third, he seems to say that cryonicists are overly
optimistic. I don't think there are any relevant
statistics available, but my impression is
different. I think the typical member of CI
regards the chance as unknown and perhaps
small, but still worth while because of the
enormous payoff of success.
Robert Ettinger 

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