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Date: Fri, 07 Oct 94 01:32:48 EDT
Subject: CRYONICS Re: more on Hayflick's book

Thomas Donaldson writes in  #3194 - "more on Hayflick's book" :


TD>Anyone who wants immortality (or even any approach to it) MUST understand
TD>the extent of passive opposition to it. We really cannot afford any
TD>assumption that Science will come to our rescue. Cryonicists are going to
TD>have to do all the work, not just for suspension but in prolonging
TD>lifespans too.

Thomas -

Agreed.  I have no doubt about the future capability of science to revive
cryonocists; my overwhelming concern is whether scientists will even be
*permitted* to revive people.

Considering the apathy against science in this country (at least) this is
a serious concern.

The Cryonics community can produce better storage containers, transport
and perfusion techniques, disaster proof storage facilities, and even
achieve damage-free longterm patient storage -  what we don't have under
our slightest control is the regard of the public, and their public

In the age of pseudo-science, Alar scares, irresponsible media, shunning of
irrdiated foods/gene-spliced tomatoes, falling test scores, eschewing of
critical thinking, expanding government regulation and litigation,
I believe negative public/government opinion to be our greatest challenge.

I would think it mandatory that all Cryonics organizations keep a very
watchful eye on public and State sentiment..

Unfortunately, I doubt any cryo organization has the financial ability to
pick up and leave the United States (for instance) and move to
Switzerland, should the need arise.

With proper financial foresight, a viable plan could be in place for just
such a contingency.  Perhaps only patient storage would need to be moved.


What is not clear is whether or not such planning would do any good - by
the time such a plan were to be executed, it could be too late.  We might
find ourselves *restricted from transporting ourselves or our patients out
of the country*.

We might find ourselves in a such a climate of intolerance that we could
*all* be burned at the stake as witches, alive or in suspension...
("Don't take me literally", he said, with a nervous look..)

Until we achieve major acceptance for Cryonics, (publically and
governmentally) I see this as one of our most serious challenges.

Hayflick's attitude is one more example of this crucial obstacle we face...

Sorry for the negative scenario, but when our lives are at stake, it had
to be said.

Comments?  Solutions?

My apologies if all this has been said before; I'm new.

Thanks for listening.

Regards, Joe Hartman         

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