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Subject: SCI.CRYONICS Cryonics History
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 1994 22:10:00 -0700 (PDT)

I'd like to thank Mike Darwin for posting that article of his wrt the
failure of CSNY/CryoSpan/CSC. As usual, there's far too much there to 
dissect and reply to (a few jabs at Dave Pizer added in), so I'll just 
make a few comments and spare others the bandwidth.

Your post was quite literate as always, and further sustained my contention 
that the principals (at least of CSNY & CryoSpan) KNEW ahead of time that 
the costs of storing a patient over the long haul would be exorbitant. As 
you said, they depended on future business revenues to bail them out since 
they knew nobody had lots of money to put into cryonics, which leads me to 
believe that they must have contemplated disaster at the outset at least as 
a possibility.

With regard to your swipes at Pizer, I don't agree that Dave posted out 
of malice or out of stupidity, more like *fear* that what happened 25 years 
ago at CSNY might reoccurr since Kent was instrumental in the formation of 
CryoCare. In his own way, Dave's just trying to get to the bottom of what 

On the issue of who needs to learn the lessons of the past, I submit that 
Alcor has learned that lesson (see their published exhaustive financial 
analysis of funding costs and their resulting actions) and also taken 
precautions to prevent another tragedy by distancing itself from Mr. Kent 
and the cryonics organizations he is now associated with.

Ever forward,


Standard disclaimer: I don't speak for any of the cryonics organizations, 
and they don't speak for me.

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