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Date: Sun, 13 Jun 2010 11:51:34 EDT
Subject: Quick fixes etc

Not that it's important, but it's a minor irritant, so I'll say  a bit  
about Platt's assertion that I believed for many years in a quick fix.
In one sense at one time--in the beginning--I believed that my first book  
would work magic, but we all learned better. In the Visser case, we took  
precautions and there was support at Alcor as well as CI, but it was still a  
blunder. Mainly, however, for many years I have tried to influence people 
not  to  look for magic mass marketing solutions, but to  keep on doing  what 
we know works somewhat, namely, working patiently and lovingly with your  
own relatives and friends. 
There are still lots of unknowns, and it remains possible for new blood or  
new ideas to make a difference, or for some celebrity conversion to 
Platt had his own share of quick fix ideas, including the Omni contest,  
which was a worthy effort even though a failure. He has also caught a lot of  
heat for his reported failures and wrong-headedness at SA. I could cite lots 
of  complaints about him, but what's the point? He apparently has the ear 
and  confidence of Kent and Faloon, with plenty of funding, so if he ever  
finds a better approach presumably we'll know about it.
As I have said repeatedly in recent years, progress is slow but membership  
and patient numbers have been accelerating, albeit off a very small base. 
In  any  case, it's the only game in town for those who reject delusion.
Robert Ettinger
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Message  #32613
Date: Sat, 12 Jun 2010 13:32:41 +0200 (CEST)
Subject: Re: Silver Platters Ignored...

Regarding  progress: right, compared to something like electronics there 
was little  progress in cryonics over the last 40 years. And it would be no 
wonder if  there are no useful statistics available to check if the pace of 
technical  progress in comparison to it's financial progress has slowed down 
for more  than 50 Percent over the last 20 years. Yes, that's something those 
on the  payroll at some cryonics organizations can happily bear.

Regarding  economics and my personal payroll, it actually occurs to me that 
I belong to a  social class of the one Percent of citizens with the lowest 
financial income  in Germany. For more than ten years I have tried to earn 
more money so I could  afford to sign up for cryonics without being a burden 
to my family and their  own needs my income has to fulfill. But as I grew 
older, I even got more ill  than before, so after I lost my last job 
opportunities more and more, I got  retired anyways. No resources, not even  

http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/tradecommunity could pull the nuggets  out
nowhere for me. 

The other way in economics I tried is to make  cryonics cheaper - see all 
the messages robomoon posted to CryoNet, Cold  Filter, ImmInst, and related 
forums. Of cause, there was success to get in  contact with Russian providers 
KrioRus and CryoFreedom, but the communications  with them are limited due 
to their small staffing. Despite or because of there  apparently low funding 
requirements they don't have much business sense to  work out an extra 

cheap contract arrangement with all the details required to  make payments easy
and convenient.

Cryonics and payroll are close  together, despite of various individuals 
telling me how cheap it can be with  Life Insurance (as if everyone in the 
world can easily get a cheap one). Thank  you, Melody Maxim, very much for 
that! So we see it's the wrong time to tell  people like me I'm a deathist, 
let's talk payroll  instead!


WM 2010: Top News, Spielplane,  Public Viewing-Termine, E-Cards und alles, 
was der Fan sonst noch braucht,  gibt's im Sport-Channel auf  arcor.de.

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From: "John de Rivaz" <>
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Subject: Re: Silver  Platters Ignored, in Cryonics 
Date: Sat, 12 Jun 2010 16:22:36  +0100

What really needs to be done if this is to be taken seriously is  to get a 
list of firms and qualified individuals willing to participate and a  

schedule of costs. Then compare this to the salaries that are being paid to  the
people Melody considers unsuitable, and put this to the LEF, and see if  they 
would be interested in altering their grant structure.

I have a  horrible suspicion that firms and individuals willing to 

participate could not  be found, and/or that the figures would not add up, but I
could be totally  wrong.

Sincerely, John de Rivaz:  http://John.deRivaz.com  for websites including
Cryonics Europe, Longevity Report, The Venturists,  Porthtowan, Alec Harley
Reeves - inventor, Arthur Bowker - potter, de Rivaz  genealogy,  Nomad .. 

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