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Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2010 22:18:16 +0200 (CEST)
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Looking forward to having about a 1/3 of the population signed up? Have you 
really thought about what might happen then? Many sorts of ventures will jump on
the cryonics bandwagon then, offering many competitive ways of cryonics to all 
kinds of customers anywhere.

Are you sure? For e.g., the cryonics business would also start to care about a 
customer group that includes someone like me! When this happens, there's a high 
probability I'm hitting "cheap cryonics russia" into the www.search.com form to 
get, after three or four mouse clicks, on an immortality traders' checkout page 
where I can purchase something like a Super Longevity Pack for $599 via PayPal. 
Such a pack, only imagine, might contain two boxes of anti-aging pills plus a 
contract for last-ditch cryonics becoming valid after sending an easy-to-sign 
1-page paper form back by postal mail to an address already imprinted on it! My 
wife wouldn't even consider rebuking me for that, like "hey, are you totally 
mental by now, robo-darling? Do you really think I wouldn't mind you are wasting
my money with your crazy idea that freezing people for making them immortal 
isn't nothing but a crazy scam?"

Do you know that this would ruin the immaculate role of a movement being just 
like the Rolls-Royce of meaningful philosophy in physical life extensionism? 
There are less than twothousand people yet, mostly American freethinkers of 
cause, who have fully undertaken the steps necessary to choose cryonics. Now you
are on the brink of ruining it by turning the Rolls Royce into a kind of 
Volkswagen Polo supermini model. Even if some sensible sort of cryonics 
including optimized standby and extra professional vitrification remains for the
smarts of smarts, it will be like a used Mercedes-Benz 190E by then.

With so many people choosing cryonics, you all will have lost your good old 
Rolls when this turns out to be real. Are you sure you really want this 
happening to you one day or another? Wouldn't this be something like loosing a 
perfectly flying private jetplane for a ride in public buses?
> > David Stodolsky writes: "If the marketing strategy was updated, then
> > we would be looking forward to having about a third of the population
> > signed up."
> > 
> > You are aware perhaps that the Omni Immortality Contest, about 15
> > years ago, offered free cryopreservation arrangements to the winner,
> > who merely had to write a 500-word essay explaining why he or she
> > wanted to be cryopreserved. 
> The key figure is that a third of those that did respond indicated they
> would choose suspension as their prize. 


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