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Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2010 22:51:41 +0200 (CEST)
Subject: Re: CryoNet #32629
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Drafted course of events in FIVE STEPS: (ONE) the foundation of a Research 
Center, named LRC (Life Research Center), for instance. (TWO) the LRC is looking
for its potential members, espec. organizations who are key supporters to the 
common cause. (THREE) LRC succeeds to get CI, Alcor, KrioRus, ACS, the Cryonics 
Society, as well as international organizations including the Cryonics Society 
of Canada, the Japan Cryonics Association, and other key supporters in various 
continents of the world, as members. (FOUR) members are free to pay membership 
fees matching their individual preferences. (FIVE) LRC is entitled to gain an 
income from doing paid research on methods of standardized accreditation for 
their members. 

A Research Center focuses on the accreditation of organizations who are 
specializing in marketing and PR for other members. It will not only keep the 
advancing technologies in digital word processing without further commitments. 
It also keeps an open eye on the development of a specific software, espc. 
digital text files where written information can be stored and submitted to 
anyone getting interested in some literature belonging specifically to life 
extensionism. What should be done to avoid an unfulfilled research?
> The model I propose is cooperative, not competitive. A Research Center would
> help local groups establish their own service organizations. Once the level
> of development reached the point where there were multiple service
> organizations in a geographical area, there might be a type of competition -
> but cooperation between groups would always be maintained through the
> Research Center, at least.


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