X-Message-Number: 32636
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2010 08:53:28 -0700
Subject: Who has unrealistic expectations about technology, again?
From: MARK PLUS <>

I posted the idea of applying the sorts of dismissals used against
cryonics to the efforts to cap BP's well as a joke; but now I get the
impression that the ongoing failures have started to nudge people's
attitudes towards that direction. After a few more months of
ineffective solutions to stop the oil gushing under the Gulf, will we
start to see these efforts dismissed as "a science fiction fantasy,"
"technological superlativity," "poorly informed techno-utopian
speculation," "denial," "false hope" and so forth?

And again I ask: Who has unrealistic expectations about technology?
Cryonicists, or believers in the Deepwater Horizon Solution?

Mark Plus
Life is short: Freeze hard!

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