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From: Dennis <>
Subject: Promotion of an online group networking group for
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2010 12:56:39 -0500


I'm promoting an online group of mine. The primary purpose of this group is for 
cryonicists/life-extentionists to liaise with each other for 
businesses/work/jobs or other 'money making' 

activities. The ramifications of these go well beyond the immediate monetary 

The group can be found here:


The idea is to give preferential treatment to life-extensionists /Cryonicists 
when it comes to obtaining and offering various good and services that we need 
in everyday life that may involve(but certainly not limited to):

-Accommodation - renting, roommates, 
-Liaising for business/work/employment
-Offering various services and skills(for money or otherwise)

-Insurance of various types - life insurance, medical insurance, automobile 
insurance etc.

-Lending/borrowing of money. (Why pay a bank to do it?. Caution - appoint a 
smart arbitrator if you intend to do Lending/borrowing)

(A CI member living in Toronto, Canada)


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