X-Message-Number: 3311
Date: 21 Oct 94 02:00:28 EDT
From: Brenda Peters <>
Subject: CRYONICS:Brenda waves a white flag

Dear Readers:

I was very concerned when I became aware of Steve Jackson's posting #3279 of 
October 16th. I've been traveling or I would have responded sooner. I am 
disappointed that Steve did not communicate with me directly and instead chose
to make a public announcement. Due to time restrictions, I rarely post on this
net, but Steve's message has prompted me to do so. I hope my response will 
bring some understanding. 

I have been interested in meeting Steve Jackson for a long time. A number of 
friends and acquaintances had suggested for many months that I contact him. I
finally got around to sending him a CryoCare information package in July. 

My cover letter was a response to some of Steve's postings (actually I don't 
recall if he posted them here or if others sent them to me) and it was an 
attempt to be humorous and to get his attention so that I could then proceed 
to talk to him about cryonics. I ran the letter by my husband because my 
husband has long been an admirer of Steve's. My husband thought my letter was 
amusing and charming. But then, my husband thinks that *I* am amusing and 

I'm sorry, Steve. I was just trying to make you smile. I'll see to it that you
do not receive any further correspondence from CryoCare. I'd also be happy to 
pay the postage costs if you'd like to return the information to me at 
CryoCare, P.O. Box 3631, Culver City, CA 90230.

Brenda Peters

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