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Date: Sun, 19 Dec 2010 19:32:09 -0800 (PST)
From: un person <>
Subject: darwin's dissertation mainly a waste of time

Darwin is speaking directly to other cryonicists and others who are of like mind
and background and perspective. This is a tiny audience. He is preaching to the
choir. And targeting a tiny audience.

Darwin, the only real cure for cryonics is LOTS more members, which would mean 
lots more money for research. 

And how do we get lots more members? By targeting an audience that is orders of 
magnitude larger--ordinary people!! Darwin is talking to a few hundred people, 
and maybe 5000 people at best.

But when I say that the Bible commands the followers of Jesus to raise the dead 
and that cryonics is the way to do that, I am talking to tens of millions of 
people. When I say that some scientists say that the universe will go on forever
just as it is, no big bang, no heat death, etc, and that Jesus wants us to live
as immortals on this earth, in this eternal universe, I am talking to millions.
The real goal is immortality, not extended lifespan. And the Bible shows the 
way to that.

If you want to perfect cryonics and cryopreservation, you need the membership 
dues of a million members, not 1000 members.

Cloistered, incestuous, inward looking. This is the culture of cryonics. Just as
we cryos shut ourselves off from the world as young kids by reading science 
fiction books, shutting ourselves off from others, using books as a shield from 
society, we do the same thing now by speaking only to those who are like 

We are sending out signals. And we send them to people like ourselves. Problem 
is that there aint too many like us.

And we see the results--only 1000 members after 40 years.

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