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Date: Sat, 25 Dec 2010 08:24:20 -0800 (PST)
From: un person <>
Subject: Max More: find the right dog whistle to grow cryonics

We have to concentrate on OLDER people. Young people do not generally sign up. 
We have to look to those we really realize they are indeed going to die. Young 
people do not really realize this viscerally enough to get them to sign up.

But older people turn to religion instead of cryonics because....well, one 
reason is cultural and historical, but another reason is because people like Max
More and Tanya Jones and Charles Platt and Ralph Merkle and MIke Darwin are not
blowing a dog whistle they can hear, to use the political parlance of our 

Those cryonics leaders are blowing the dog whistle that you and I and the rest 
of the cryonicists can hear. They speak to us using the language, the vocabulary
we understand. Their mindset is grounded in science fiction and a love of 
science and a mindset open to many possibilities. 

But we are very rare. 

They are hailing us on our frequency. But that communications band is one that 
few people have the receiver for.

I say to Max More, the new Alcor CEO--find a new dog whistle. Quit talking on 
the same frequency/channel you talked on in order to get the job. 99.9 percent 
of the people who know death awaits them (and thus might possibly sign up) do 
not pick up that frequency. 

Instead, blow the dog whistle that the majority can hear. Speak to them on the 
channel they carry, using the vocabulary and the mindset they have. Use the 

Religion is what those over 40 can hear, at least the vast majority of them....

That is, if you are interested in growing cryonics. If however you are only 
interested in the affirmation and support of your peer group, then just keep 
doing what you are doing....

An example for you: now I am not a fan of Bush, or of his father. But George W. 
Bush found the right dog whistle to get elected.

Let me tell you about a video interview Bush did back in the early 90s or 
thereabouts. Now Bush had run for political office once and had lost, primarily 
because his opponent had successfully painted him as some know it all Ivy League
upstart. And Bush had been educated at Harvard and at Yale.

But his opponent has been successful at depicting him as such because he spoke 
as such. That's right. In that video interview from the early 90s Bush came off 
as what he was--a highly educated man with an undergrad degree from yale and a 
graduate degree from harvard. 

But that sure wasn't the persona bush had when he ran for president twice. Oh, 
no. You see, Bush is smart, and he had smart advisors. He knows that a more 
homespun, "country", HUMBLE, a more SPIRITUAL persona is what wins over more 
people. So he became an actor, and he played a part. He found a dog whistle that
more people could hear.

Max More, follow his lead....if you want to grow cryonics. Find another persona,
another vocabulary, a different dog whistle, one that more people can hear....

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