X-Message-Number: 33137
Date: Sat, 25 Dec 2010 13:19:04 -0500
Subject: Scoring Cases
From: Charles in Arizona <>

Darwin as quoted by oberon states: " I have arbitrarily decided that
each minute of normothermic ischemia up to 5 minutes will count for
the loss of 1 point."

Any attempt to quantify damage is, I think, valuable, so long as we
realize that it's partly handwaving at this point. And of course those
who have the greatest confidence in molecular repair of the brain will
feel that it's mostly irrelevant anyway.

The frustrating part is that Steve Harris made the most sophisticated
attempt to quantify ischemic inujury, but never finished writing the
paper, so far as I know. He derived a number that he referred to as
the "E-HIT" score, meaning Equivalent Homeothermic Ischemic Time. See


The problem with Darwin's approach is that he is applying a linear
formula to a phenomenon which cannot be linear. That is, the damage
caused by the tenth minute of warm ischemia is highly unlikely to be
the same as the damage caused by the first.

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