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Date: Sun, 26 Dec 2010 09:18:57 -0700
Subject: Re: Max More: find the right dog whistle to grow cryonics
From: MARK PLUS <>

In Cryonet #33135,, un person writes:

>But that sure wasn't the persona bush had when he ran for president twice. Oh,
no. You see, Bush is smart, and he had smart advisors. He knows that a more
homespun, "country", HUMBLE, a more SPIRITUAL persona is what wins over more

people. So he became an actor, and he played a part. He found a dog whistle that
more people could hear.

I think you underestimate the Americans who matter. The American
people, at least the ones with some intelligence, have warmed up to
Christopher Hitchens, like Max an Oxford-educated British immigrant
with controversial views and an uninhibited way of speaking and
writing. Who could have predicted that Americans would turn Hitchens's
pro-atheism book into a best seller, and elevate Hitchens into a
sought-after public intellectual (now unfortunately dying from

Of course, Max has a different role to play now than public
intellectual. But his education, published world view and way of
expressing himself don't carry the costs you seem to think they do.

Mark Plus
Life is short: Freeze hard!

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