X-Message-Number: 3314
Date: 21 Oct 94 09:54:08 EDT
From: Mike Darwin <>
Subject: CRYONICS intentions

Carlos says:

>  No, the "aside" wasn't threatening, it just contained the parenthical 
>"Alcor pay attention" in the midst of an example of how a supplier's action 
>could cause a business to fail, followed by a description of how deftly 
>Darwin handled such a crisis.  The inevitable implication being that Alcor 
>was asleep at the wheel...

Carlos, give it a rest!  If I want to say nasty things about Alcor, I promise I
won't be that subtle.  In fact, I have spent  a fair amount of time talking

about Alcor on the net *correcting* misstatements or misleading statements about
Alcor or its procedures, patient care, or past research.  The inevitability of
that implication was in your mind, not mine.

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