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From: "Chris Manning" <>
Subject: Just a thought
Date: Mon, 27 Dec 2010 10:10:50 +1100

Just a thought I had recently which I will share with other cryonicists for what
it may be worth (maybe 2c Australian).

There are many possible scenarios in which revival from cryopreservation will be
technically possible but problematic for other reasons, e.g. revival may be 
outlawed due to overpopulation. I am surprised that these possibilities aren't 
being canvassed more in the cryonics community. Anyway, the thought I had is as 

During the time when revival technology is being developed, there will of course
be progress in other areas of human endeavour. This other progress could 
include both the discovery of earth-like planets of other stars and the 
development of faster space travel, making it easier to reach them.

If revival does prove technically possible but problematic, it may prove 
feasible to transport cryopreserved bodies to such a planet, where the people 
would be revived and live their future lives. After all, there would be no need 
for life-support systems on the ship! The maintenance of the dewars during the 
voyage could probably be automated. 

We would probably need to know in advance the attitude of the cryopreserved 
people to this possibility. I hereby let it be known that I am agreeable in 
principle to my body being transported to another world as per the above 

More generally, I think readers ought to be asking themselves in what possible 
future circumstances they do or do not wish to be revived.

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