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From Publishers Weekly

Fans have been clamoring for Hugo winner Bujold to pen a new Vorkosigan Saga 
novel since 2002's Diplomatic Immunity, and they will not be disappointed by 
this thoughtful tale. Only five days after arriving on Kibou-daini for a 
cryonics conference, interplanetary diplomat Miles Vorkosigan narrowly escapes 
kidnapping. Drugged, dazed, and alone, he is taken in by Jin Sato, whose mother 
was the leader of a cryonics reform movement until being declared mentally ill 
and involuntarily frozen. Now Jin lives in a building full of squatters running 
an illegal cryonics clinic. Under imperial orders to investigate the shady 
dealings of the cryo cartels, Miles connects the far-flung pieces and exposes a 
sneaky plot. Bujold introduces appealing characters to join familiar ones in 
exploring the ramifications of a planet-wide culture of postponing death, and 
her deft and absorbing writing easily corrals the complex plot and softens the 
blow of a tear-jerking conclusion. (Nov.) (c) 
Copyright C PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.

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