X-Message-Number: 3316
Date:  Fri, 21 Oct 94 09:43:44 

Replies to Charles Platt and Mike Perry

To Charles:

Your point is well taken.  After a long path, we end up at the same place 
agreeing that care needs to be taken in the promotional material of all 
cryonics organizations.

I hadn't thought of it before, but one reason Saul might not have been able 
to raise any money to save his patients is because his literature made it 
look like he didn't need any.

To Mike:

I agree with your long posting that we should gather all the historical 
material on CSNY, CSC, and CryoSpan into one book and offer it for 
distribution so that we can all determine what mistakes were made and how to 
avoid these disasters in the future.

I appreciate your offer of cash donation to underwrite this (are you also 
volunteering to do the work for free?). I will also offer 
to donate $200 and encourage ALL others who have been involved in this long 
running debate to also put up.

One comment to your concern that the pamphlets may have been produced before 
any suspensions were done and therefore Saul may not have been in financial 
trouble at the time of the printing. Take another look. One of the phamplets 
shows two of their frozen patients in glossy photographs.  I don't think they 
could have "guessed" that they were going to suspend these people some day in 
the future. Therefore they must have done at least two suspensions when they 
printed this one.


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