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On Mon, Jan 03, 2011 at 10:00:02AM -0000, CryoNet wrote:
> Message #33179
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> Date: Sun, 2 Jan 2011 10:31:33 -0500 (EST)
> Subject: more on mortuaries
> I've lost the text, but I recall that Brian Wowk noted some possible  

> problems with use of morticians for standby, including availability of  
> Those objections do not seem valid to me, for a very simple reason, namely, 
>  that any company like Suspended Animation would face the same problems, 
> and  using morticians would in almost all cases be cheaper and quicker and 
> more  reliable. 
> As previously noted, when Mae and I lived in Arizona, we trained and  

> equipped the local mortuary people, and paid an annual retainer for an annual
> practice run. 
> I think Brian specifically said that if an actual bedside standby were  

> necessary or desirable, maybe lasting several days, this would preclude use of
> mortuary people. Not so. The mortuaries not only often have sizable staffs, 
> but  they always have potential additional staff through cooperation with 
> other  morticians in the vicinity. 
> I acknowledge that some members travel a lot and would find a fixed local  
> set-up impractical, but these are in a small minority.
> Robert Ettinger

	This is the biggest hole in the concept on suspending those of
	us who realize that the future of technology will almost
	certainly be able to revive a human being in from 50 to 250
	years.   Even if the dying person's family has agreed and even
	if the person is in a hospital or nursing home or at home
	receiving hospice care--the time of death is key (modulo five or
	ten minutes).  

	Most of us die in a hospital or facility that would allow for 
	post-mortem prep.  But it still has to be an ideal or near-ideal
	situation for everything to be done correctly.  As the Boomers
	age toward their final years this movement will gain currency,
	but it isn't far enough along yet from what I've seen out in the
	real world.

	I do mention cryonics briefly in my ebook and am still working on
	essays that promote the concept.  I am doing what I can do
	because, simply put, I want a second chance.  The fact is that
	we all have a just a few more miles to go ... .

	gary kline

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