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From: marta sandberg <>
Subject: Other forums?
Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2011 10:53:07 +0800


Hi anybody,
I wondered if I could tap our collective cryonics knowledge.

I have recently been contacted by a person who is very interested in cryonics 
and I am trying to convince him to go the extra distance to sign up.

One of his problems is that he feels isolated from other cryonicists.  That's 
why I have suggested he join the CryoNet as well as an Australian cryonics chat 
line organized by the CAA (Cryonic Association of Australasia).

I'm not recommending Cold Filter or other abrasive groups.  He might find them 
himself eventually, but they give the wrong initial impression of cryonics.

Now comes my request.  Can you think of any other chat groups or similar things 
he should be joining?  Does the Venturists have a 'net presence and is it 
something a potential cryonicists would be interested in anything else.
Thank you.
Long life,

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